Brand Strategy

We live in an image-conscious world. Individuals, corporations, start-ups, cross-pollinators, freelancers, newbies, oldies (but goodies) are all vying for attention in this doggy-dog world. In the end, we know that you're doing your damn best to make the cash money in order to put food on the table, to make that important social media impression, to catch someone's attention for a second or two, or to create that lasting relationship with that one person that you just need to slip your business card to at that one networking event before she gets barricaded by the other 100 people at the same event you spent hundreds of dollars attending because some online blog (which you've never heard of until this morning) told you that the "who's who" of the industry will be there.

But what if we told you that it was easier than that. What if we said that all you really needed to do was just be you. Then what would you do? Sometimes, stepping back or having someone do all the analytical shit, the behind-the-scenes work that you wish you didn't have to do in the first place, might be the answer to your branding/marketing query.

That's where we step in.


The Wheelhouse

The Wheelhouse is a bike/coffee shop concept in the DTLA Arts District whose mission is to connect community and to inspire an everyday lifestyle lived by bicycle. TITO celebrated the urban adventurer's lifestyle by bringing together a burgeoning bike culture, a conscious coffee culture, and the spirit of a re-invented/re-inventing Los Angeles neighborhood into one singular intersection. It's the epitome of why Los Angeles is the melting pot of the U.S. It's a conglomerate of seemingly different people & things into one ridiculously similar home. If it isn't in your wheelhouse, just wait a minute, it might very well be in yours.

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Logo & Brand Identity Design

We tell Your Story - not ours and not someone else's. We carefully develop its chapters and overarching concepts and themes with you and your audience in mind. We don't make up stories - we just want to be true to your prevailing identity.

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Frederick Fisher and Partners

Part of the rebrand for Frederick Fisher and Partners (FF&P), the firm's new website employs hand-drawn illustrations to convey concepts and ideas more commonly described by extensive and oftentimes verbose narratives replaced with...<gasp>...sketches!

HLB Lighting Design

After a complete rebrand, Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design (HLB) - one of the largest architectural lighting design firms in the world, decided to give credit where credit was due: to the designers, the emerging professionals that weren't either the "H" or the "L" or the "B". A sort of "changing of the guards", the "I Am HLB" campaign celebrated the future of lighting designers and put them in the spotlight (pun intended).

Brown Baked Homemade Desserts

What started as a hobby baking treats for family & friends for small gatherings and parties has now transformed into Brown Baked - a home-based Los Angeles operation. The Brown Baked brand is simple, familiar and versatile.

The brand takes traditional Filipino dessert flavors and transformed them into cookies, cheesecakes, breads with a modern twist.